Can’t register Quickbooks Pro I have the license. It won’t take the Product Number – Features of Dancing Numbers for QuickBooks Desktop

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Quickbooks desktop pro 2018 license key – quickbooks desktop pro 2018 license key
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You can check the purchase confirmation email that you’ve received from us. If you’ve purchased this QuickBooks from a retail store, check for the brightly colored sticker on the original CD envelope. In case you’re getting the error The validation code is incorrect or This service is temporarily unavailable , you’ll want to perform the solutions below:.

You can check this clean install article for detailed guidance. See this article for detailed guidance on how to fix errors when activating QuickBooks, or adding license and product numbers. You can now go to our self-help articles to help you Get started with your QuickBooks Desktop account. I’m always here to provide help and answer any questions that you may have in activating your account.

Have a great rest of the day! Thanks for bringing this to my attention, guster. It’s possible that your phone number and zip code on file are different from the one you’re trying to register when installing the software. An agent will further assist you in validating your contact information and address associated on file. After installing the software, here’s how to get started. Keep me posted if you need additional information about installing QuickBooks.

I’ll be right here to help you. By clicking “Continue”, you will leave the community and be taken to that site instead. Enter a search word. Turn off suggestions. Enter a user name or rank. Turn on suggestions. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Connect with and learn from others in the QuickBooks Community. Join now. I have the license. It won’t take the Product Number.

Level 1. Can’t register Quickbooks Pro Labels: QuickBooks Desktop. Reply Join the conversation. QuickBooks Team. In case you’re getting the error The validation code is incorrect or This service is temporarily unavailable , you’ll want to perform the solutions below: Solution 1: Check your date and time settings Close your QuickBooks Desktop.

Check if your date and time settings are correct. Press the F2 key. Look for your product name, product number, and license number in the Product Information window. Look for your release at the end of the product name. Tip: If you bought a digital version of QuickBooks Desktop from our website, your product info is the original purchase confirmation email. Look for your version in the Version Used on File section.

The list is sorted by date with the oldest version at the top and most recent at the bottom. Go to the Employees menu, then select Payroll Center.

Select the Payroll tab. Go to the Help menu, then select Product Information.





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