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Windows 10 is still far from perfect, with users continuing to complain about Windows 10 problems on a daily basis. Microsoft are doing their best to remedy the situation with updates that seem to take place each week, but can they really stop the influx of Windows 10 errors and bugs that keep happening without fail?

What Windows 10 problems or errors do you have on Monday July 5, ? Look out for updates from the PR team during official statements from Microsoft regarding problems and participate in the comments section to troubleshoot effectively. Around today, my pc suddenly restarted. After that, it is constantly freezing, even when nothing is opened, no programs are running.

Working find Friday Cannot work as the link cannot understand the long pauses and fails at the connection stage. Even simple things like BBC new will not load.

Did break into 1 spreadsheet but that was it. What have Microsoft done my internet provider has checked everything this end. One of the programs I used daily just disappeared— as in the executable file was deleted right after I opened it— for no reason and without warning, twice. I have not reinstalled it again. One paid program simply will not work at all.

Another paid program will not install. The computer is so slow, and it should not be. This is basically making my computer useless. My Dell laptop is basically useless after latest updates.

It wont open setting, takes ages to login or open anything and it is getting worse. Trying to shut down bit it is stuck on the shutting down screen forever. Yesterday the laptop was fine and working. It also makes weird audio sounds. I am angry if MS is messing up our computors it is my pocket and work that is being affected. Update occurred overnight on 28th June, since Tuesday 29th June…My PC takes and hour and a half just to load the desktop.

My machine was off for 8 hours and was working fine to that point. When next I turned it on, the sound was up the creek without a paddle. It stopped coming from the Toshiba monitor in stereo and instead is now coming from the tower in mono — a terrible, tinny, horrible sound turning mono off does absolutely nothing.

Highly suspicious that these things occurred while the machine was turned off. I suddenly have a new hard drive after this update today. If this is the beginning of the new 11 system, looks like the road will be bumpy. They can not save my files and all 3 at the same time locked in blue screen loop. One of them is a dollar Spectre that is 6 months old. This has to be from an update from Microsoft. They should pay for this.

Same issue here… 3 days ago i went to play a game and my framerate completely tanked.. I built my computer and poured over into it.. The updates are screwing my computers. I have two hours laptops. I updated both of them and now they are both showing the blue recovery screen and there is nothing I can do to fix it making my laptops. They was acting fine until they force this update my computers and now they completely useless.

I am unable to roll back this latest update made my laptop, unuseable!? My pin is missing unable to create a new one either …. Hi everyone so I updated my laptop to the new Windows updates preview I think it was? Latest Windows update screwed up my Aspire One notebook. It is also no longer possible to install the Intel Driver update software — it gets an unknown error.

I will try to roll back the latest updates. I have lost the ability to create sub-folders via Windows Explorer, Plus folders no longer indicate whethet thy contain sub-folders. I am using Windows 10 latest on an HP desktop. After the latest June update I still have the same problem only worse. Same for Mozilla. The most frustrating thing the update did, ruined my mouse. The scroll wheel only does speed scrolling so I have to use the keypad instead which is a pain.

So I am reopening task manager on average, every 5 minutes. MS already killed my last laptop with garbage updates, and it is on the way to killing this one too. No customer service at all. I think we should do a class action lawsuit. Waasmedic was the problem a few weeks ago but it is something else now. MS is dreadful. The only suggestion I can think of is to plug in a keyboard, then go to Device Manager, and at the very top of the device tree will most likely be your computer name. But doing that seems to help nudge it back into using the port that the keyboard is connected to.

See if there is any note of conflict or malfunction next to something that may apply to your keyboard. If the keyboard shows up, you can right-click it, and gain insight in the Device Properties. This can clue you in to possible errors.

Because the computer may erroneously having problems with one of those settings. Also, from Device Manager, you can try to Update Device Drivers on your keyboard or port, to see if that fixes the problem. Good luck! Paid for Adobe Pro subscription non-functional after Windows update.

Nothing would repair it — had to do a freaking system restore. What the F Microsoft? Not to mention every blasted update ruins something that has been working perfectly until the update. My computer was fine and suddenly I noticed there was lines going up and down my screen! Not a non-functioning network device to be found in the Device Manager. Tried all the usual tricks.

Its shocking but it wasnt the 1st time ms has nuked an OS to get everyone on the same page, If i remember correctly few years ago MS put out an update for windows 10 that hard locked peoples hard drives me being 1 and it forced you to format your HDD and no recovery option bit fishy if you ask me. Did make me more vigalent about backing up my data tho. Also note pad dosnt open it show on task bar but will not expaned to desktop view.

Pc fine when I turned it off yesterday 19th june This morning all kinds of errors. Keeps wanting to sign In,then out In a loop. Turned on my computer today after shutting down after update yesterday and now I get an error message saying my OS us missing.

Corrupted drivers. Now I have to do a factory restore. After 2. Whole days work wasted. If I had a choice, I would never buy another Microsoft product again. The OS is a disgrace.

Me and my mother have Asus laptops. Latest update has crashed both laptops with duel same blue screen crashes. Is Microsoft gonna pay our fees to techs to fix these issues? What a joke. Now I see, why Mac is most used for photographers, they have less issues with their equipment. If not, give it a go, and see if you can find some way to tweak it to your liking. Glad I did a mirrored backup 3 days ago with Acronis True Image. Ive been dealing with for last month.. I know you have issue with your new update with window tablets but I tried to reset with FN and F9 but nothing happened.

This issue is on your side and I am asking to pay me a new tablet because I cannot reset it on my side. Cannot use my window tablet because of your update. I know I am not the only customer with this issue. This is come from your developer teams???????

I understand everyone doing mistakes but someone has to take accountabilities for this issue.



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Was this reply helpful? Yes No. Sorry this didn’t help. Thanks for your updqte. It’s жмите possible to predict with certainty what issues your computer may encounter after an update – there windows 10 october 2019 update issues free download way too many variables. The way to protect yourself from possible problems is to backup windows 10 october 2019 update issues free download day. With third-party backup software this updaye easy and quick, and you need never fear downlod your data.

I installed Release when it was pushed to me on Dec. I assume the latest version ipdate this file was pushed at this late date. It broke my Settings app, including Windows Update. How can I roll otcober to a previous version without being able to use WU? I do have a windows. Please help! BTW I show build Are you an insider or was this a regular update through the Windows Update channel?

I have not heard of anyone getting the forced update yet. Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. Search the community and support articles Windows Windows 10 Search Community member.

Johnnie UK. Жмите have updated Windows 10 to issued October update version and haven’t seen any issues so far. Am I safe or should I uninstall the update? This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I dpwnload the same question Report abuse. Details required :. Cancel Submit. DaveM Independent Advisor. Hi Johnnie Yes you are safe, if windows 10 october 2019 update issues free download without incident and your files are intact in your Documents folder, then you are fine.

Microsoft are working hard to windows 10 october 2019 update issues free download the bugs in that update, when they re-release that update, they will probably push an update to those that have already installed through Windows Update For not, you have nothing to do. Updatee satisfied are you with this reply?

Kssues for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. Sheri-D Independent Advisor. Hello, I’m Sheri. I’ll be happy to assist you. If you have not had any issues with the update, you are safe to continue using it.

There is no need to roll back. Best wishes, Sheri D. Independent Advisor. Igor Leyko Independent Advisor. Hi, known issues occurs during install so after that you are safe. No need to make additional actions.

Sumit Independent Advisor Independent Advisor. You would probably get either cumulative update or a new build depending on the decision of Microsoft. Ted Myers. In reply to Ted Myers’s post on December 15, Ted, Are you an insider or was this a regular update through the Windows Update channel?

It /36094.txt through windows update. Afterward I ended up doing an install from download ISO which had fixed the problem. Just want people to know that WU pushed to me and it broke Settings. This site in other languages x.


Download Windows 10 November Update (Version ) ISO Images [All Languages].Untitled — Sony vegas pro 13 audio plugins download

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