Adobe acrobat pro dc change highlight colour free. How to change highlight color in adobe acrobat pro dc?

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Adobe acrobat pro dc change highlight colour free.Adobe Acrobat Reader DC review


Discussion Boards are an interactive space where learners can post and reply to messages examples include class debates, weekly reflections, team discussions, role plays, etc. Wikis are a collaborative space where students can view, contribute to and edit content examples include grant writing, creative writing, group research projects, student-created study guides and course glossaries. Blackboard has many tools dedicated to creating well-organized and engaging learning modules.

In this session, we will take a deeper dive into creating learning modules in Blackboard. Blackboard Groups is a tool on Blackboard that can greatly increase collaboration in your class.

This session focuses on the Groups feature in Blackboard. You will learn about the various ways to create groups, creating group sign-up sheets, group tools available to students, creating group assignments, and grading group assignment. Blackboard has many useful built-in tools that can be used to create effective tests and assessments.

In this session, you will learn how to create tests in Blackboard. Topics will include creating test questions, reusing questions from past tests, creating randomized blocks, and using pools. Looking for an easier way to load exams and quizzes into your Blackboard course site? Do you have a Word document with test questions that you want to use? Respondus is powerful third-party tool for preparing, managing, and uploading exams. This sessions shows you how to download and install Respondus, format test questions and answers in Word, import Word documents into the software, and publish a test from Respondus to Blackboard.

In Blackboard, instructors can create pools of questions or import questions from previously created tests. This session provides the steps required in order to create an assessment from a pool of questions, question set or previous test. Blackboard has a test function that provides powerful customizability for your assessments.

In this session, we answer the following questions: Does it have to be a test? Where do I create a test? How do I add questions? How do I deploy the test to learners? How do I make exceptions and accommodations for learners? This minute session is for instructors who want to dig a little deeper into the functionality of the Grade Center.

You will learn about setting up and organizing Grade Center, and the difference between scores and weights. Blackboard offers many tools that you can use to build your course online. This session focuses on the basics of Blackboard, including how to navigate the platform, add learning content, use basic communication tools, create assignments and apply the Humber Template to your course site.

The Blackboard Basics Quick Reference Card can help you transfer what you have learned in this session to your course. Now that you have gone back to your own materials and documents and given accessibility a try, you may have some further questions.

Creating Accessible Documents 3 CAD3 is a 2-hour drop-in working session where you can get those questions answered. Come to this session with your documents that you would like to make accessible and that you may have questions about. We will brainstorm, analyze, and find solutions to your accessibility issues!

Students studying various disciplines will, upon graduation, be required to work alongside a range of others trained in different disciplines. Research has shown that interprofessional teaching can have significant benefits in helping students appreciate the potential contributions of those from other professions and learn the essential communication and collaborative skills to effectively enhance the client or patient experience.

In this session, participants will explore opportunities to create memorable and rich interprofessional learning opportunities for their students. Differentiated Assessment is a best practice in universal design for courses and allows students with different learning styles to engage and produce meaningful work for assessment. Often instructors wish to consider assessment options but time constraints negatively impact the ability to come up with innovative ideas.

In this session, participants will learn about the underpinnings to this approach and receive hands on help in expanding their assessment options for students.

Qualitative data collection methods can generate an overwhelming amount of data. The process of organizing and analyzing this data can be daunting. Attendees of this interactive session will walk through the process of organizing, and analyzing qualitative data.

Specifically, attendees will be guided to develop code or theme lists that reflect the key ideas and patterns found in their data that answer their research questions. Participants are encouraged to bring a set of qualitative data that may be explored during the session. Thinking about conducting an interview or focus group as a part of a research project, but not sure where to begin? When done effectively, these two research methods can add richness and depth to your study.

In this session, we will discuss best practices for effective and ethical interview and focus group facilitation. We can also point you in the right direction for what comes after, with an overview of thematic analysis.

Participants are encouraged to bring any projects that may be further developed during this session. The most often used methods in qualitative research are interviews and observation. In this session, participants will learn what qualitative research is and when it is most appropriate to use it in a study. Anyone with an idea for a research study will benefit from thinking about what methodological approach will be best suited to meet the research objectives.

The iPad is a great tool for presenting content in an engaging and interactive way, especially if your subject matter is analytical or creative. Microsoft OneDrive gives you the ability to store and sync up to 1TB of files online. Find out how you can best manage, sync and share files. We can also discuss strategies for backups and organization. In this 3-hour hands-on session, Creating Accessible Documents 2 CAD2 , we will apply the accessibility guidelines and requirements for digital content learned in Creating Accessible Documents 1 CAD1 to various documents.

You will review the fundamentals of creating accessible materials and modify inaccessible content to comply with accessibility standards. You will be introduced to the use of accessibility checkers in PowerPoint, Word and Acrobat Pro and the different features in these software applications to make documents accessible.

In this 2-hour hands-on session, you will learn the fundamentals of creating accessible materials and modify inaccessible content to comply with accessibility standards. You will walk away with strategies and a toolbox full of apps and resources to help with making your content accessible. You will walk away with a toolbox full of apps and resources to help with making your content accessible. In this 1-hour hands-on session, we will apply the accessibility guidelines and requirements for digital content and instructional documents to PowerPoint documents.

You will be modifying inaccessible content to comply with accessibility standards. In this 1-hour lecture style session, we will apply the accessibility guidelines and requirements for digital content and instructional documents, learned previously, to PDF documents in Acrobat DC Pro.

In this 1-hour hands on session, we will apply the accessibility guidelines and requirements for digital content and documents to Word documents. As well, we will look at the following in Word with respect to accessibility: Accessibility Checker, Document Structure, and Tables. Word clouds are a great way to distil and summarize information. Come and find out various ways you can use word clouds in teaching and learning.

Discover several free and easy to use tech tools, including ones built right into PowerPoint and Word! Engage your students and improve your lessons when using the Sharp classroom touchscreen situated in the HIVES classrooms and other Humber learning spaces.

Participants are welcome to bring their own ideas and materials to the session. Lucidchart is a web app that allows users to collaborate and work together in real time to create flowcharts, organizational charts, website wireframes, mind maps, software prototypes, and many other diagram types.

Padlet is a tool between a document and a full-fledged website builder, empowering everyone to make the content they want. To check out the tool, go to padlet. Mind mapping is a visual technique of representing and structuring thoughts and ideas.

In this session, we will investigate evidence-informed practices used in the creation and real-world application of mind maps by using state-of-the-art mind mapping software. To get the most out of the session, participants are strongly advised to bring their own laptop, tablet, or phone.

Use Quizlet to create multimedia study sets and share them with your students. They can then use them to learn and review in seven different study modes: learn, flashcards, write, spell, test, match, and the gravity space game. Students can also create their own study sets that can be useful for reviewing or assessing their knowledge.

As a premium feature, this tool uses spaced repetition principles to help student study more efficiently and retain information in the long term. For teachers, Quizlet Live is an engaging in-class game mode where students work in teams to correctly match terms and definitions. Learning is fun with Quizlet! Learn how the Google suite of free apps facilitates sharing and collaborating learning practices.

In this hands-on session, we will explore the apps that are useful in an educational setting, inside and outside of the classroom. Both web and mobile apps will be explored. Enhance your lessons in the classroom with the latest electronic board technology. The SMART board brings the traditional whiteboard to the next level by adding extended capabilities for sharing and collaborating, endless whiteboards, session live sharing with local and remote users, saving and resuming sessions, and web browsing.

Mobile devices are incredibly powerful tools that can enhance teaching and learning in the classroom and on the go. You will learn how to download and use these essential apps on your smartphone or tablet.

A limited number of devices will be available to borrow during the session. Mentimeter can help you make your classes innovative and memorable.

Add polls, quizzes, scales, open ended questions and other interactive tools that can help you engage and interact with your learners. Google Forms is a simple and free way to collect, save and analyze student data. Use it to create class surveys, short quizzes, student inventories and much more.

Rubrics can do much more than communicate assignment requirements. By transferring your rubrics to Blackboard you can:. Central to this session is our appreciation of the fact that your goals and experiences, as they relate to creating educational content, are unique. Learn how to make simple, animated videos on your computer using a using free browser-based tools. In this hands-on session, you will create a short animated video with a voiceover that you can use in your teaching.

Learn how to make simple animated videos on your PC using free tools. In this hands-on session you will experiment with two simple tools that will allow you to created short animated videos. Learn how to make simple animated videos on your Mac using free tools. In this session, we will explore Blackboard tools to help you assess student learning. You will learn:. In this session, you will learn the basics about Blackboard 9.

Participants will discover how to navigate, add and remove content, use basic communication tools, and upload the Humber Template. Please ensure you have access to Blackboard before the session beings; If you do not have access to a Blackboard site to work in you will not be able to participate actively in the workshop.

In this session, we will focus on common challenges like understanding the difference between scores and weights, creating a weighted grade column, organizing Grade Center, and controlling grade visibility for students.

Have you ever wanted to invite a guest speaker to your classroom virtually? Or hold virtual office hours? Or engage with your students in a virtual classroom? With Blackboard Collaborate Ultra you can do all of the above. Host a virtual session anytime within or outside of Blackboard and connect with your students. Learn how to provide accommodation to individuals and groups for assignments and tests in Blackboard. Prerequisites: Participants should know how to create assignments and tests in Blackboard.

Learning outcomes are a critical component of the teaching and learning process. They act as a guide for learners and educators and indicate what the learners will know and do by the end of a specified course or program.

In this session, participants will learn how to write observable and measurable student learning outcomes that inform course content and assessments. Compared to children and teenagers, adults have unique needs and requirements as learners. Understanding the unique characteristics of the adult learner ensures more effective classroom instruction. During this interactive session, faculty will: 1. Are you struggling to motivate and engage your students? Are you finding it increasingly difficult to come up with new ideas on how to bring FUN into the classroom?

Personalized student feedback questionnaires SFQ can provide faculty with important information about their course. Join with colleagues to generate ideas for developing meaningful, personalized questions.

By the end of this session, you will have created your own questions for your SFQ. Lesson planning helps ensure that curriculum is engaging, consistent, and effectively assessed.

A well-designed lesson is rewarding for educators and motivating for students. In this session, participants will explore the elements of an effective lesson plan and receive a template to guide the design of lessons that maximize learning opportunities for all students. During this session faculty will:. Submitting a paper for publication in a scholarly journal can be an exciting — and intimidating — experience. In this session, we will walk you through the process from initial submission to final publication.

Topics will include how to choose a target journal, how to set up your manuscript for success, how to deal with and respond to peer reviews the good, the bad, and the ugly , and how to stay patient and keep your confidence intact throughout! Planning to share your research at an academic conference? In this session, we will explore how to be a great storyteller with your research, so that your presentation either oral or poster form will stand out — in a good way!

This session will provide an introductory overview on how to represent textual data in a visual context to help others better understand its significance or value. Participants will learn tips and tricks on data visualization using Microsoft Excel. Topics to be discussed include arranging data for optimal chart creation, when to use each chart type, examples of good and bad data visualizations, and an introduction to intermediate and advanced chart templates ex.

Histogram, Stacked Bar, Combo, and Sunburst. Active learning is a pedagogical approach to instruction that involves actively engaging students with the course material. This student-centered approach places a greater degree of responsibility on the learner compared to teaching practices such as lectures, but instructor guidance is still crucial in the active learning classroom.

This session will: 1 familiarize participants with the active learning approach; and 2 describe various active learning techniques that can be seamlessly implemented in small, large and online class environments. Planning or interested in developing a survey for a research project? This session is for you! In this module, we will guide you through the best practices of constructing survey questions, building your survey on Survey Monkey or Microsoft Forms, and analyzing and visualizing your data using Microsoft Excel.

Participants are encouraged to bring survey-based projects that may be further developed during the session. Attendees of this interactive session will walk through the process of creating, organizing, and applying codes for a qualitative data set, in an objective and comprehensive way to help answer their research question s.

Hit enter to search or ESC to close. Close Search. Share Tweet Share Pin. Introduction to Powtoon. Looking to engage your students with animated video? Look no further.

Powtoon is a handy tool to create short, character-driven videos that your students can relate to. Alternatively, convert your PowerPoint presentation into an energizing video.

Add music and a voice over. Even add your own screen recording to the animation. Powerful stuff! Richard Kingston. How have you enriched the experiences of your learners? Pre-screening interviews on Blackboard and MS Teams for my Placement courses between financial services industry recruiters and my graduating students in both the Financial Services Diploma and Financial Planning Graduate Certificate programs.

Why have you incorporated these experiential learning opportunities for your learners? The measures mentioned above benefit my students in the following ways; Mock Interviews — gives students more confidence to be successful for the real interviews in their final semester. Role Plays — in which my students portray a financial adviser and a client — mimics a real life encounter with a client and how to handle various situations. Case Study Groups — provides a format for students to exercise and develop their critical thinking skills in the submission of their analysis and recommendations for the case.

It also provides them with the ability to work effectively in groups a key component of the skills required by the financial services industry. Pre-screening Interviews — allows students to demonstrate for real recruiters their knowledge, skills, and personalities that will determine their success in obtaining meaningful employment upon graduation.

Amanda Baskwill Investigator. Katie Billard Co-Investigator. Patricia Belli Co-Investigator. Exploring the Impact of Integrative Learning.

This project attempted to answer the following: What is the impact of the Integrative Learning Activities ILAs in Semester 1 of the Massage Therapy Program on student engagement, perception of and attitudes toward the ILAs, capability, and integration of concepts? Sandra Secord Investigator. Margot Rykhoff Investigator. Nicola Winstanley Investigator.

Anne Zbitnew Co-Investigator. Patricia Belli Investigator. Susan Bessonette Co-Investigator. David Chandross Co-Investigator. Vidya Rampersad Investigator.

This project attempted to answer the following: How do students perceive their skills in navigating online platforms, specifically Google Docs and Mindmeister, for collaboration, engagement and learning?

Does on-line or face-to-face dynamic influence: post-test b provides data for this The type of strategies students uses to complete group assignments. Tammy Cameron Investigator. Nazlin Hirji Co-Investigator. Adriana Salvia Co-Investigator. Exam Proctor Training. Sylwia Wojtalik Investigator. Janet Jeffery Co-Investigator. Shawn Richards Investigator.

This project attempted to answer the following: Does having integrated learning tools along with instructor-led interactive technologies increase the levels of engagement and improve performance in college-based courses? Rossie Kadiyska Investigator. Vladimira Steffek Co-Investigator. Writing Humber Fashion Specific Cases. Paul Cross Investigator. Blackboard Content in Mass Media Classes.

This research attempted to answer the following: Given an expectation that they are required to do some preparatory work before a class, how do students prepare? Nadine Ijaz Investigator. This project attempted to answer the following: How does a model-validity focused post-secondary course focused on increasing research literacy among traditional Chinese medicine professional trainees impact student research engagement?

Mike Wise Investigator. Aiden Dearing Co-Investigator. VR Assignment Collaboration. Matthew Harris Investigator. Reducing Student Distraction in Class. Maria Racanelli Investigator. Group Micro Venture Project. Breadth v. Attendance at Orientation and Academic Success. Jennifer Winfield Investigator. Jessica Freitag Co-Investigator. The Impact of Group-Writing on Quality. Jennifer Ball Investigator.

Bringing Sociology Theory to Life. Jaclyn Strimas Investigator. Nicola Winstanley Co-Investigator. Dragos Paraschiv Investigator. Kerry Johnston Co-Investigator. Rory McDowall Co-Investigator. Doug Thomson Investigator. Alyssa Ferns Co-Investigator. Marilyn Cresswell Co-Investigator. Heather Snell Investigator. Brenda Webb Co-Investigator. Katherine Sloss Co-Investigator. Emily Reed Investigator. Mindfulness for Stress Reduction and Clinical Readiness.

Darren Hupp Investigator. Daniel Bear Investigator. Julie Muravsky Co-Investigator. Charlotte Serpa Co-Investigator. Craig MacCalman Investigator. Jennifer Naken Co-Investigator. Audrey Wubbenhorst Investigator. PR Business Cases Part 2. Brenda Ridley Investigator. Simulations as Training Tools for Nursing Students. Bernadette Summers Investigator. Usability of Course Webpages. Which course design results in the most positive student experience? Austin Tian Investigator. Whiteboard Animation Software in the Classroom.

PR Business Cases. Alexander Gurevich Investigator. Teaching with Numerical Card Exercises. Alena Papayanis Investigator. The Impact of Process-Based Assignments.

Adriana Salvia Investigator. Tonia Richard Co-Investigator. Rai Reece Co-Investigator. Neil Price Co-Investigator.

Jaspreet Bal Co-Investigator. Christine McKenzie Co-Investigator. Will the foregoing educational design improve caregiver burden or wellbeing, compared to those caregivers on a waiting list to participate in the training workshop? Christine Zupo Investigator. Impact of Positive Interventions in Nature. Arun Dhanota Investigator.

Dan Rowe Co-Investigator. Documentary on Mental Illness. The research questions driving this project are: What are the lived experience of survivors and caregivers?

Anthony VanHoy Investigator. Effects of Online Demonstrations in a Mathematics Course. This project attempted to answer the following: Do students perceive demonstrations to be generally useful and helpful? Is student learning significantly affected by demonstrations? Anne Zbitnew Investigator. Hillary Rexe Co-Investigator. Accessible and Inclusive Video Captioning. This project attempted to answer the following: How does learning how to caption video affect student perception of the importance of universal design in video content?

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Here is my current version: Version: In Response To Kasandra5E In Response To defaultelsm1g55c8c1. In Response To sandandstarsdesign. In Response To lucyb Rob Mackay FRS. I was really upset when everything changed to yellow.

It made my document look very unprofessional. I needed to change a date on the file and then resaved it. When I changed the background back to white without a change to the document it wouldn’t let me do a regular save and kept the document yellow. Once I made my modification I could save it. I think the modification set the white background some how.

But yes, please fix this Adobe. My document needs to remain professional looking. Gareth Brady. In Response To defaultk0yhw51py98k. In Response To larry Thanks Mary. Thank you!!!! Thanks so much Lucy. In Response To jacqiA. Load more replies. Post Reply. Preview Exit Preview. You must be signed in to add attachments. About Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Inc. Whats new in Acrobat DC. Plan and Pricing. Edit PDFs. Edit Scanned PDFs.

PDF Forms. Sign a PDF. How to Edit Scanned or Secured document.


Adobe acrobat pro dc change highlight colour free. 4 Methods | How to Change Highlight Color in PDF Free

Open PDF in Adobe Acrobat, click and drag the cursor to select the area of text you want to highlight.