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Fix: The button and text have been altered to provide a 4. The indexing method finds the correct part for this stamp.

But when there is a recipient group, this will give a random part from the group, which may not be the current signer. In such cases, the value is sometimes assigned as null and the signer part fails. Fix: Modified the indexing method to return the correct signer part of the participation group. Fix: Updates to the rendering library now allow proper rendering of the glyphs, allowing the signing process to complete. Fix: Inactive users in a claimed domain no longer generate a single-use pending user.

This resulted in a participation signature that was just a Hibernate proxy that if called would result in errors. This could happen during agreement event fetching since it looks at the scribble data. Fix: Added code to check if there is really a scribble before reading any values from it. Updated the clean-up code to null out the signature content. Fix: The code for Curacao has been added to the method and is now available.

Fix: The database was manually corrected. Fix: For users in UMG enabled accounts the group level setting will be selected over the user-level settings. Fix: Updated the dropdown field to read-only after filling the value Summary: If the wrong email address for a participant is used, but it is very similar to the correct one eg user email. Fix: A more accurate method is in place to better manage user identities in these cases. Fix: The code has been updated to read the proper selected group settings for the Send in Bulk workflow.

Fix: The manage page will reflect the value entered at the time of signing. Fix: The function to capture the email of a participant has been updated to take this context into account.

Fix: the managing method has been updated to include the retryAfter response. Fix: The link expiration function in conjunction with custom email templates has been modified to eliminate the error.

Fix: The associated code has been updated to properly resolve the pointer issue. Since it doesn’t have participation assigned this causes the agreement auto-cancellation project timeout approx. Fix: We no longer create a document without participation. Fix: Modified the library method to ensure we don’t filter the group for library documents if the user is the originator of the library template. Access to knowledge-based authentication for participant defined recipients on web forms Customers that build web forms that allow for multiple external participants can now use the knowledge-based authentication method for the additional participants.

Issue Description Summary: Agreements can not be created via custom workflows when Required recipient name is enabled. Customers can select from a wide array of authentication services and leverage the type of identity verification that best suits their demands. Identity verification services include: Video Identity Verification services ID document identification Knowledge-based authentication services Identity information is optionally stored on the Signer Identity Report.

Identity verification is priced separately and consumed per the vendor policy. Authentication transactions are procured and billed directly from the IDP. Name values can be prepopulated through the API or through the Require recipient name when sending feature. Updates to the custom workflow designer – Updates to the custom workflow designer include: Users in Multiple Group awareness.

Accounts that have UMG enabled allow: Group administrators can assign workflows to any group that they are an administrator of not only their primary group.

Group administrators can edit any workflow assigned to any group they are an administrator of. An update to the workflow scope control interface that defines which users can access the workflow. The array of radio buttons used to select an individual group has been changed to a single-select drop-down menu with the text label Selected Group.

Improvements to the new authoring environment – The new authoring environment introduced in April has been updated to include: Support for up to 25 recipients. New fields: Dropdown single-select Hyperlinks New Acrobat web accounts and free Acrobat users enable these features automatically. Option to disable the email tracking pixel – Enterprise tier accounts can request the support team to disable the tracking pixel embedded in the recipient “Review and Sign” email templates.

Disabling the email pixel changes the trigger for the “Viewed” event: When the pixel is enabled , the “Viewed” event triggers when the email is opened. When the pixel is disabled , the “Viewed” event triggers when the agreement is opened via the signing link. New accounts of all service levels created after the June date will have the pixel disabled by default. Disable hyperlinks embedded in signatures and initials – Enterprise tier accounts can request the support team to disable the embedded hyperlinks in signature and initial field objects which open the transaction verification page.

All accounts created after the June release have this linking disabled automatically. Accounts that exist before the June release will continue to see the legacy functionality. Disabling the hyperlinks is not retroactive to agreements completed before adjusting the setting. Once disabled, the embedded links can not be reenabled. Expanded the Audit Report events – The audit report has been improved to include several events that were previously only reflected on the activity log or embedded in report files.

Improvements include:. User settings override group settings. Group settings override account settings. Internal users are defined as users within the same Acrobat Sign account as the sender of the agreement. External users are defined as all users that are not members of the same Acrobat Sign account as the agreement sender. Access to knowledge-based authentication for participant-defined recipients on web forms – Customers that build web forms that allow for multiple external participants can now use the knowledge-based authentication method for the additional participants.

Web Forms no longer require third-party cookies to be enabled for signers – Accounts that use web forms no longer need to be concerned if their signers have third-party cookies enabled before applying their signature. Web forms now support cookieless signature activity. Expired signing links are limited to ten requests per hour – When a signing URL expires, the recipient can request a new URL up to ten times in a minute time window.

A new URL will not be sent after the tenth request in the same minute window. The ten signature requests exist in a rolling time window, meaning that each request has a minute timer. Updated External Archive interface – The external archive interface has been updated to challenge the administrator to enter the email address twice to ensure the correct email is configured and store the email as a clickable address object instead of a text string.

Updates to the Notarize integration – Improvements continue for the Notarize integration: The agreement expiration time is being shared with Notarize and will be honored by Notarize as part of their scheduling feature. The Notarize API key is now validated before the agreement is sent for notarization.

Update to the expiration date label in emails – The text identifying the expiration date in recipient emails has been updated to clarify that agreements can be signed until the expiration date. Improved automatic form field detection limited deployment – Automatic form field detection has been improved to more accurately identify the type, size, number, and location of form fields to be placed. Only deployed on the NA4 environment after the June release.

To be deployed on other environments in future releases. Trial accounts available to all markets – The Adobe Acrobat Sign Solutions trial is now available globally. Register for a day free business tier trial. No credit card is needed. Issue Description Summary: PDF forms created in InDesign specify a value of “Off” for unchecked checkbox fields, which caused issues when the fields are editable by recipients. Fix: The GovernmentID package has been updated with improved code to address this error.

Fix: Database updated to correct the settings mismatch. Fix: Updates to the API to provide the correct reply to the signer when invoked from the Manage page. Fix: Updated the field parameters to allow the space for the full signature stamp. Fix: Code has been added to bridge the gap between the legacy object and the modern functionality. Fix: Code has been added to properly manage a default value containing a single quote.

Fix: Code has been updated to not check for prefill fields when modifying an active web form. Fix: Corrected the code to retrieve the correct value and publish that as the expiration date. Users must consent each time they authenticate Fix: Cookie consent selections and updates are being saved for the user.

Fix: The code has been updated to use the original title string instead of creating a new one during the conversion Summary: Some of the Group level Email Settings do not save when updated to override the account-level settings due to a failure to check the override value for those parameters.

Fix: Code has been updated to properly check the override value when group level settings are updated. Fix: Code has been added to ensure the field location is calculated properly with corrected coordinates. Fix: the code has been updated to properly suppress the Decline to sign options in the UI when recipients first load the agreement page. Fix: The tenantIDs are now properly updated in the executor threads when they are inherited from the scheduler. Fix: Calculated expressions are cleaned before saving to document data XML.

Fix: Group filtering has been updated to ensure that filters update when the user admin changes group authority. Fix: The combined lists are now sorted alphabetically numbers before alpha characters and case insensitive. Fix: Field properties for automatically detected fields are not stored if they are not placed.

Fix: The package for the Government ID function has been updated to resolve the root cause. Fix: Newly created agreements commit the ID to the DB with the initial save of the agreement removing the need to update the ID at any time.

Fix: The Save button is immediatly disabled upon saving a workflow, preventing the duplicate entry. Fix: Translation as been corrected. Fix: Improved the code to allow for deleting with the delete key. Fix: Code for the field value tables has been improved to better include the properties of prefill fields.

Fix: The roles have been added to the roles options. Fix: The code has been improved to manage this situation. Fix: Conditional visibility code has been tightened to ensure accurate display when conditions are met. Fix: Code has been added to manage a migration in progress when a new migration is executed. Fix: Reporting scopes have been improved to account for disabled and hidden workflows.

Fix: Added new authoring to the filter for shared access. Require recipient name at delegation – The feature to require the recipient name when sending a new agreement released in April has been improved to allow entering a recipient name at the time of delegation as well.

Users can enter the recipient name when they click Delegate signing to another option on the signing page or using the delegate link in the email. Form field tooltips support up to characters – The customizable tooltip option for all form fields has increased the number of characters allowed from to The upgraded search feature is scheduled to be deployed by tier of service over the second half of The documentation for the improved search functionality is available in the online help documentation.

A link to the documentation is provided in the application by clicking the information icon next to the search field:. Legal notices consolidated into one menu item on the e-sign page – The legal notifications on the recipient e-signing page have been collected into one Legal Notices menu item in the Options menu. Clickable message links on the e-sign and Manage page – Enterprise tier accounts that enable clickable links in their email templates will now see those links as clickable on the recipient’s e-sign page as well as in the Manage page view of the agreement.

Signature fields have updated their tooltips for better accessibility – Each of the signature field types has improved the tooltip to better identify the signature content required by the recipient. Release errata – Elements removed Below are the line items that previously were announced as part of this release, but have since slipped to a later release date.

Include Reminders in Audit Report events – Administrators now have the option to include Reminders in their audit reports. Fix: Code has been improved to successfully identify and create the auto-delegate userID as a single-use user for the purpose of the transaction.

The localization of those tooltips has been updated and verified on common screen readers. Fix: The error message has been improved to indicate the failure to authentication is predicated on the account security policy. Fix: The code supporting calculating field values for payment fields has been corrected to properly access and import values from prefilled fields.

Fix: The code that disabled field access under field condition logic has been corrected to ensure the image field cannot be accessed Summary: When two attachment fields are available on the same page, the application focus does not shift to the next field after completing the first attachment, and enters a loop. Fix: The field navigation and setFocus code has been corrected to properly navigate the focus to the next field.

Fix: The OnPaste function has been improved to better accommodate this action in a web form submission. Fix: The code to properly format the company name has been corrected.

Fix: A new method for retrieving user data to export without checking user status has been implemented. Fix: The code to properly format the sender’s name has been corrected. Fix: Corrected the reminder code to only send the reminder to the recipient that requested it. There was a field which had an invalid value” Fix: Improved the translation of date formats for localized dates with regards to calculated fields and conditional statements.

Fix: Understanding and accessing the proper inherited settings has been updated to eliminate the conflict and provide the correct values. Fix: The library used to combine documents has been updated to better manage the structured tree when multiple files are included in one agreement. Sandbox prerelease four weeks prior to production release – Acrobat Sign product releases are now deployed to the sandbox environment four weeks before the general production launch, allowing accounts with a sandbox entitlement to review and test the new functionality before it impacts the production environment.

Scheduled releases are available to review on the release schedule , with the sandbox and production release dates available at the top of the prerelease notes. The sandbox release date is removed for the final production release notes. Improved searching for Business service packages – The search functionality used to find agreements has been improved to support more complex string queries using special syntax. The upgraded search feature is scheduled to be deployed by tier of service over the next several product releases.

This release updates only the Business tier of service. Updated Legal Notices option for the embedded noChrome e-signing page – The Legal Notices link in the Options menu on the e-signing page will deliver a variant of the Legal Notices content that includes linked documents containing no additional active links. This ensures that customers embedding the e-sign experience are not exposing their recipients to external links that could drift into supplemental content outside of the scope of the controlled experience.

Updated text labels and descriptions for the Notarize Inc. Fix: Code has been updated to ensure the proper group is referenced in the user session to obtain the correct logo.

Fix: Thumbnailing has been rescheduled for after the signature is completed, preventing the environment where the auto cancellation can occur Summary: Agreements signed from the Manage page interface are accessing the account-level settings for restricting file upload sources. Fix: Code has been updated to properly read from the primary group level for users when signing from the Manage page.

Fix: code has been improved to properly check the Decline to Sign settings when rendering the Written agreement page. Fix: The Manage page has been updated to properly handle the bad requests from the search.

Sign in to your account. Sign in. Quick links View all your plans Manage your plans. Summary: A private CSC provider experience was not properly inactivating the Authorize button after the OAuth authorization popup was closed, allowing users to click Authorize again, and creating a “Loading” loop that would not terminate despite the signature being captured.

Summary: Completed documents do not present field information to screen readers in a usable way. Summary: Some agreements sent under the BioPharma settings were not being forced to reauthenticate when their authentication was managed by Active Directory Federation Service. Summary: Agreements created with digital signatures and cloned fields could produce a signed document where the parent fields of the cloned field array could be editable.

Summary: Some agreements would not permit CSC digital signatures when the agreement has been delegated multiple times. Summary: Accounts with Limited document visibility enabled for web forms could trigger an error indicating “The document is not yet available” when creating a web form via API and then attempting to view it from the Manage page.

Summary: When modifying an agreement that has the sender as a signer that requires authentication, the system may not recognize the sender’s session as being authenticated, prompting a server error. Summary: Users in accounts with UMG enabled may not see all pre-existing shared library templates from a non-primary group they have been added to when building custom workflows.

Summary: Accounts that manage their users in the Adobe Admin Console were able to see the option to set a reminder on the Compose page when the default reminder was set by an admin. Summary: Authentication information was not persisting in reports for recipients in hybrid signing workflows. Summary: The number of recipients reported via the Reports tab can change to one less when the Sender is one of the recipients and is replaced in the transaction due to the code misrepresenting the replaced signer as a “Replacee”.

Summary: Group-level admins can see the report data for users in the Default group when the “Only data from their own user group” setting is enabled. Summary: The Events and Event Summary were not including unverified but signed web forms as completed signed agreements. Fix: The code that evaluates completed agreements has been updated to include signed and completed but unverified web forms. Summary: When sending an agreement with the Sender as one of the recipients, and the Display Email setting set to a non-default value, the agreement can fail to send if the sender attempts to move back to the Compose page from the Authoring page.

Summary: A duplicate Signed and Filed email can be sent to the same recipient if they are included multiple times in the signature cycle. Summary: Adding a full HTML link to the Message field of an agreement could cause some email clients to convert that string into a clickable link. Summary: New code added last June caused some users which were in the CREATED state to be converted to an invalid email address, but the global email address directory maintained the correct email address link to the user.

Summary: Some document creation processes allowed for a file to be uploaded to Adobe Sign with multiple digital signature fields. Summary: As part of a user cleanup process, users in a Pending status that were in an account with a claimed domain could have been converted to a Created status, resulting in the consumption of user licenses.

Summary: Fields that are hidden in authoring and that contain validation errors can trigger an error that cannot be viewed, preventing sending the agreement. Summary: Signing a web form with only one name one contiguous string triggers a server error. Summary: Individual field downloaded from the Manage page would display a file name containing the original format of the file in addition to the final.

Summary: The message popup for canceling an invite and revoking access tokens is misaligned with the text. Summary: Calculated fields containing an “if” clause that also use a field containing the now function in their own calculation disappear after the signature has been applied. Summary: When authoring a form in Acrobat, Text fields with formatting set to not show decimal places will display the field value with decimals once the agreement is uploaded and sent for signature.

Summary: IP addresses would not be collected and referenced on audit reports due to a setting being configured for the wrong scope. Summary: Allowing the user session to time out when the new Reports page is loaded results in a general failure to refresh the page.

Summary: When creating a new userID with APIs, some users would not be able to log in with the new credentials due to internal systems not communicating correctly. Summary: In the Korean locale, the name value on the signed document is broken in the participant stamp due to the encoding font for the Korean language returning incorrect glyphs.

Summary: When a user in an individual account is merged into a multi-license account, the user can retain admin rights. Summary: Custom formula validations do not work with Text Tags due to a task worker not loading properly. Summary: Signers with a profile in the Acrobat Sign system cannot properly update their signature in a Stamp field when some other signature type field edits the signature string due to the Stamp signature field always pulling the name string from the user’s profile.

Summary: Country codes missing from the phone authentication modal for Botswana, Bermuda, and Sudan. Summary: Notarize transactions do not register when the transaction type is set to a default value of -1 in backend settings for an annual limit. Summary: Privacy admins can be prompted with ‘Some miscellaneous error as occurred when searching for agreements from recently migrated users.

Summary: User accounts can be made with uppercase characters in the email address that persist in the user database. Summary: Currency fields assigned to “Anyone” that completed the signature process without being updated would be removed from the final document due to a null value in the field causing the field to be removed. Summary: Some single-use pending users were adopting an accountId that caused them to appear as users in the account.

Summary: The SG1 shard cannot sync the production and sandbox environments due to an orchestrator failing to connect. Summary: when BioPharma settings are enabled, the user type signature update does not get synchronized with the other fields such as the signer name field. Summary: Clicking the Create button when generating a WebForm with two or more participants and KBA enabled by default triggers an error.

This is due to a null pointer exception occurring on form creation because the second participant is not defined on form creation. Summary: When an agreement is implicitly delegated the API results are inconsistent with the experience of explicit delegations due to the implicit delegation event missing some information. Summary: In the signing experience, the “Next field required” text and button do not have sufficient contrast. Summary: The participation stamp is not visible on the Signed PDF if the participant is marked as a recipient group.

Summary: Recipients are unable to complete the signing process when signing digitally via cloud service provider “BJCA” due to an invalid font being used to render some Chinese glyphs. Summary: During the cleanup of users after they sign, biometric signatures with a user id are deleted. Summary: Very localized data corruption cause the possibility for sending an agreement to an Active user yet created a single-use pending user. Summary: “Configured settings require that documents must be password protected” may trigger in UMG enabled accounts, even though “Signed Document Password Protection” is set to “Allow senders to password protect signed documents” for the active group on send page due to user settings overriding the group level settings.

Summary: When there is prefill drop-down field and digital signature present, the drop-down is still editable after sending the agreement. Summary: If the wrong email address for a participant is used, but it is very similar to the correct one eg user email.

Summary: The Send in Bulk function does not properly read the group settings when UMG is enabled, and instead defaults to the primary group settings in all cases. Summary: Non-signer participants eg: Approvers that sign with only a stamp import the name value from their profile instead of using the name-value entered at the time of signing. Summary: A “Click to change” popup is evident when a recipient hovers over their signature and the signer name value is applied via API.

Summary: There is no retryAfter in the response body for some API calls when they trip the throttling threshold. Summary: Agreements sent with a custom email template and a link expiration set to 60 return a error when the Send new Link button is used. Jun 08, DC Jun May 11, DC May Apr 16, DC Apr Mar 10, DC Feb Feb 25, DC Feb Feb 22, DC Feb Feb 15, DC Feb Feb 09, DC Feb Dec 09, DC Dec Nov 23, DC Nov Nov 03, DC Nov Sep 24, DC Sep Aug 19, DC Aug Aug 11, DC Aug July 06, DC May Jun 02, DC May May 21, DC May May 12, DC May Mar 17, DC Mar Feb 11, DC Feb Acrobat and Acrobat Reader Classic Track release notes.

Jul 12, Apr 12, Mar 09, Jan 11, Oct 12, Sep 14, Jul 13, Jun 08, May 11, Feb 09, Dec 09, Nov 3, Aug 11, Mar 10, Nov 03, May 12, Mar 17, Feb 11, Release notes for older versions. Dec 10, DC Dec Nov 13, DC Oct Oct 24, DC Oct Oct 17, DC Oct Oct 15, DC Oct Aug 13, DC Aug May 14, DC May Apr 09, DC Apr Feb 21, DC Feb Feb 12, DC Feb Jan 03, DC Jan Nov 13, Oct 30, Oct 15, Aug 22, Aug 13, Jun 13, May 14, Apr 16, Apr 09, Feb 21, Feb 12, Jan 03, Dec 11, Oct 02, Sep 19, Aug 14,


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With this amazing application, you can sign, protect and add comments to your documents. This allows you to organize your pages and export your documents in a variety of formats.

When creating a PDF package, users can choose from five layouts: point-and-click, freeform, linear, grid, and waveform. You may also like as: CyberLink PowerDirector It has a very user-friendly and intuitive interface, and each feature is organized into its own menus or tabs, making it easy for users to find. All the complex processes are organized as wizards so that people can successfully generate a PDF form or portfolio.

This allows you to customize more information and add it to your document. And the mobile device version. Acrobat DC ensures that the content is exactly the same as the original content when you download or share the PDF.

To print, посетить страницу источник and share your website, convert the website you need into a PDF document. You can view part or more of your entire website by merging the Adobe Acrobat community into a single PDF.

The splitter feature adobe acrobat pro dc release notes free download the ability to split PDF files so that users can reduce the file adobe acrobat pro dc release notes free download. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts quanto costa sketchup pro 2019 free email.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Key features of Http:// Acrobat DC: Very attractive and intelligent user-friendly interface There is a complete data protection package for the document When you create a document, you will be provided with image credits so that you can share it with others. Claim ownership of the PDF, download the appropriate mobile app and get ready for success.

Provides an intuitive in-app experience within the tool. Please download the latest version from the link below Installed as a trial version Install the update now Run and apply any patch and visit us on link. Has completed. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Read adobe acrobat pro dc release notes free download.