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Windows Windows. Most Popular. New Releases. Desktop Enhancements. Networking Software. Rizwan Chowdhury. A short summary of this paper. Almost all of the principles demonstrated and covered will apply to future and previous versions. Some diferences may apply if you are using a previous or future version. Also I will also be a workspace recommending my the workspace that I use that I ind really efective.

Tho unlike the brush tool, the blob tool does not work along a vector path, the blob tool essentially creates and builds vector shapes. July 9, at AM. Mike says:. Joshua says:. July 16, at AM. July 26, at AM. Hague Njiki says:. August 12, at PM. Herry says:. August 24, at PM. August 25, at AM. Asif islam Sahed says:.

September 11, at PM. Joshua Emmanuel says:. Selects an object by drawing a rectangle or an ellipse around it. Marquee Click the tool button, choose a rectangular or an elliptical marquee. Drag the marquee over the area of the image you wish to select. Lasso Selects an object by drawing a freehand border around it. Click the tool button, drag to draw a freehand border around the are of the image you wish to select.

Magic Wand Selects all objects in a document with the same or similar fill color, stroke weight, stroke color, opacity or blending mode. By specifying the color range or tolerance, you can control what the Magic Wand tool selects.

Crop Click the tool button, then click and drag the tool over the part of the image that you want to keep. Resize the selected area dragging the squares at the sides and corners. Eye Dropper Takes color samples from colors on the page and displays them in the Color Boxes. Select the tool, click on the color in the image you wish to sample. The Color Box will display this color. Alteration Tools Healing Brush Corrects small blemishes in scanned photos. Select the tool, hold down the ALT key and left-click on the base color you need to heal.

Then left-click over the blemish. Brush Draws brush strokes of different thicknesses and colors. Select the tool. Then click on the selected area, drag to draw lines. Use the Options bar to change the brush, mode, opacity and flow. Clone Stamp Takes a sample of an image and applies over another image, or a part of the same image. Hold down the ALT key and left-click on a certain point of the document where you want to start your copy point.

Then, put your mouse over whatever part of the new document you want the picture to go to. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse across the page to copy the picture. Art History Brush Paints over an image using the source data from a specified history state or snapshot. Select the tool, specify the brush, blending mode, opacity, style, area and tolerance. Eraser Removes part of an existing path or stroke.

You can use the Erase tool on paths. Text can only be erased when rasterized. Select the tool, click on the part of the image you wish to erase. Drag to erase pixels. Paint Bucket Applies a color fill to a selected part of the image or to an entire layer. Select a layer you wish to apply the paint bucket to, click the tool button, click on the starting point, and click the area you wish to fill.

Blurs the sharp edges of an image. Blur Select an area where you wish to apply the tool. Click the tool button and choose the brush, mode, and strength. Drag the brush along the edges.

Select the tool, click anywhere on the path. Type Types text on a page. Every time you click the Type Tool on a new portion of the page, a new layer will be created. Select the type tool, click on the page and begin to type. You can specify the font and size in the Options bar. You can also resize and transform the text box by dragging the squares at the sides and corners. Use the Move Tool to move the text on the page. Pen Draws smooth-edged paths.

Select the tool, click on the page and drag to draw a path. Click and drag the anchor points to modify the path. Line Shape Draws a straight line. Select the tool, click and drag on the page to draw a line. Additional Tools Hand Allows you to move around within the image. Select the tool, click on the spot on the page, hold the mouse button down, drag to move in the area. Magnify Magnifies or reduces the display of any area in your image window.

Select the tool, choose Zoom In or Zoom Out in the Options bar, click on the area of the image you wish to magnify or reduce. Color Boxes and Modes Color Boxes The foreground color appears in the upper color selection box and represents a color that is currently active. The background color appears in the lower box and represents an inactive color.

To change the foreground color, click the upper color selection box in the Toolbox. To change the background color, click the lower color selection box in the Toolbox. To reverse the foreground and background colors, click the Switch Colors icon the arrow in the toolbox. To restore the default foreground and background colors, click the Default Colors icon the little black and white boxes in the toolbox.

Note: If you are using the Gradient Tool, the currently selected foreground and background colors will be the default colors of the gradient. Basic Image Editing Now that you know how to find your way around in the Adobe Photoshop CS6 interface and are familiar with the most common commands, palettes, and tools, you can start doing some basic image editing.

Cropping Cropping is one of the most basic editing techniques that can improve your images. Cropping also allows you to make your image a standard photo size. There are several ways to crop images in Adobe Photoshop: 1. Cropping with the Crop Tool 2.


Adobe illustrator cs6 tutorial pdf download free download

Jan 20,  · Free Page eBook! Download “Adobe CC & CS6 Design Basics” Download Free New Book on Photography, Photoshop & Lightroom; Download Free Page Book on Photoshop and Digital Design; Free New Books! Download the Lightroom Tutorial Guides ( Pgs.) Learn After Effects Free! Download Brand New Page Guidebook. All Adobe Software Free Download Full Version is a bunch of all the Adobe downloads. If you need any kind of adobe software so just visit my Adobe Illustrator Cs6 Tutorials Pdf Free Download site to download your wish file or apps. In this article, I am going to provide you the download link of all Adobe software for you all the visitors who are really in need of the Adobe software. Feb 21,  · Free New Adobe CS6 Tutorials: 30+ Hours of Online Video Training; Free Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beginner Tutorial: Top 10 Techniques; Free! Get Premium Hour Adobe Photoshop CC Training Course; Free Page eBook! Download “Adobe CC & CS6 Design Basics” Free! Hours of Training and Tutorials from Adobe MAX


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We will do everything to help you! Size : 1. This specific program is classified in the Graphics category where you can find some other similar courses. Description : This lesson will introduce fundamental tools and techniques for modifying images in Photoshop CS6. PDF file. Online courses in Videos.