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Fits the screen well, visible. See all reviews. Instead of Windows 10, the quotes can be any name of your virtual machine created in Parallels Desktop. Change the current time to a very early time any time period before your PD VM trial period expires is fine. JetBrains CLion


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The advantage however is that Boot Camp is completely free whereas Parallels is only free for 14 days. For the needs of most Mac users that want to run Windows only programs on Mac, using a virtual machine is by far your best option. Windows 11 was released by Microsoft on October 5th and you can now install Windows 11 on a Mac including M1 Macs.

You can find full instructions on how to run Windows 11 on a Mac here. Note that If you want to install Windows on an M1 Mac, the following procedure is slightly different and you can find instructions how to install Windows on an M1 Mac for free here. Parallels is updated frequently to keep apace of updates to macOS and Windows so this may work out cheaper in the long run than having to buy a new version every year if new versions of macOS and Windows are released.

However, even when running it on a MacBook Pro with a 2. The latest iMac Pros have 8, 10 or 18 Core processors which will handle Parallels virtualization software with ease. You can see the full set of preconfigured actions and configurations built into Parallels by default below:. You can pretty much configure the Touch Bar to work however you want although it can get quite complicated to setup specific actions as you need to know a little about XML code but you can find full instructions how to do so here.

We hope this tutorial has shown you how easy it is to install Windows 10 on your Mac for free but if you have any questions, problems or suggestions, let us know in the comments below. Very helpful article. Or perhaps you want a copy of Linux on your computer. Whatever the circumstances, there are various ways to run a virtual machine on your Mac. Here’s a closer look at the best options available.

Software virtualization allows you to simulate a hardware environment and run multiple operating systems on one computer. These software-created virtual machines take advantage of the hardware components on a computer, such as RAM and storage, in complete isolation from the primary operating system.

My favorite way to virtualize , Parallels, gets better each year. To date, nearly 1, PC games require DirectX 11, which means you can now experience all of them on your Mac through Parallels virtualization. It also works with macOS Big Sur Parallels Desktop 17 is the company’s flagship consumer product and is available through a free trial opens in new tab , regardless of the version you choose.

The former doesn’t include free updates to future versions of Parallels Desktop but also has no expiration date. The professional version does include free upgrades.

Once a new version gets released, you can download it from the Parallels website. New versions of Parallels typically arrive when Apple releases a new version of macOS, usually in the fall. Who this is for : Parallel offers a no-nonsense approach to virtualization. Grab a copy if you’re looking for a solution that just works. Parallel’s closest virtualization competitor, Fusion , is another great choice for consumers. Like Parallels, Fusion lets you create a virtual machine through software that can run separately from your macOS installation.

In this case, you can use Fusion with Windows 11 or another operating system through a window on your Mac desktop or in full-screen mode. With Fusion’s unity mode, you can run Windows-based applications on your computer as if they were Mac apps. Beginning with Fusion 11, support was added for Apple’s Metal graphics system. A professional version is also available for IT environments. All versions come with a day free trial. The VMWare Fusion interface doesn’t look nearly as nice as the one offered by Parallels, but it’s close.

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