Our Technology

Anatomic designed individualized implants

The individualized products of BiteOn are based on two breakthrough technologies:
– CBCT – Cone Beam Computed Tomography, 3-dimensional images of the bone and the dental structures
– Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing, 3D-printing of Titanium

Combining the best of these innovations, it is now possible to design implants that are adjusted to the anatomy of the patient. Every implant is a unique, individualized product.

BiteOn implants can be used in demanding surgical procedures like immediate placement and, if not sufficient bone volume, to avoid most of the clinical reasons for bone grafting. The implants have maximal bone-to-implant contact(BIC) and excellent osseointegration characteristics. There are virtually no limitations to making use of these products in every implant patient. The first results show a disruptive potential to transform current-day oral implant practice towards a custom-designed implant protocol for all patients.

After decades of making the patients fit the product, it is now time to adjust the product to the patient.